Tepe Sigeman Chess
May 10 - May 14

Round 1 summary

The drawing of lots gave the three highest seeded players white in the first round. Thus one could expect them to create tough pressure on their opponents.

Erik Blomqvist defended with the Zaitsev-variation in the Ruy Lopez against Nigel Short. The Englishman was well prepared and surprised with the unusual 14.Bg5. The game quickly became very complicated and when Short finally found the nice 23.Ng4 (with the idea 23...Nxg4 24.Bd2!), Blomqvist didn't find a reasonable defence. Shorts finish with a queen sacrifice was very beatiful.

Baadur Jobava played the Trompovsky against Nils Grandelius. He didn't get anything special from the opening, but instead it looked like Grandelius got the better chances after the strong 23…Rb8. Nevertheless, it was not enough and the game ended in a draw by repetition of moves just before the time scramble.

The birthday child Pavel Eljanov tried a double fianchetto against Harika Dronavalli. The Indian found an interesting defence with 5...Bd7 followed by 6...Qc8 and didn't seem to have any problems to neutralize white's chances. Harika managed to enter an end game with a pawn up but the opposite colored bishops and the active white rooks prevented any real winning chances and the game ended with a correct draw at move 41.




The tournament in the press

The tournament has received world wide attention, both on chess sites and in papers. Here are a few links:

Nigel Short during the opening ceremony

Here is a video clip from the opening ceremony yesterday with Nigel Short.

Drawing of lots

During the opening ceremony the drawing of lots was also conducted and the results were as follows:

1. Baadur Jobava
2. Nigel Short
3. Pavel Eljanov
4. Harika Dronavalli
5. Erik Blomqvist
6. Nils Grandelius

The first round tomorrow is then:

Baadur Jobava - Nils Grandelius
Nigel Short - Erik Blomqvist
Pavel Eljanov - Harika Dronavalli

The games start at 2 pm CEST and can be followed with live commentary by GM Stellan Brynell here.

One week left!

It's less than a week left until the start of this years edition of the Tepe Sigeman & Co Chess Tournament. One Wednesday May 10th at 2 pm, the first moves will be played in the Hipp Theatre in central Malmö. Read interviews with the participants here!